Behind Scandinavian Images

Help & FAQ

New Rodeo is easy to use, but I understand that it might take a while to get used to the new e-store. That is why we made this quick help and FAQ to make it easier for you to join our team of great illustrators with Finnish images.

Ps. There is no need to register to purchase images.

Quick Help

1. Search by using basic words. Don't use sentences. The only part of the collection is with English keywords, so if you're searching for something special and don't find it, let us do the work. Just send your inquiries to and we will send you a lightbox with our findings.

2. In the search results page, you can get quickly to another page and back with using arrow keys to the right and left. Move mouse arrow above thumbnail image and there pops up four icons which are;

Magnifying glass = open image detail page

Dotted line arrow = download watermarked low-res image

Checkmark = add the image to lightbox,

Euro sign = opens a window with image size selection for adding the image to cart 

If you have download package or subscription activated, there is also an arrow pointing down = instant download hires image without a watermark. You get the biggest hires version of the image automatically. That same arrow pointing down is also in the image detail page.

3. By clicking on a thumbnail image in the image listing opens up a layout image. You can get back to image listing by pressing ESC-button on a keyboard or by clicking a left mouse button on top of the image. In layout image view, there is at the upper left same buttons as in thumbnail image listing icons for buy license, download low-res image, and add the image to lightbox. At the right corner, there are buttons for more info about the image and share-button for sharing layout images in social media or by email.

4. To use a lightbox, you have to register to Rodeo. You can register for free anytime, and you have to give only your name, email, and password. There are many functions like creating several lightboxes with different names, like for a variety of themes you collect. You can also add images to the cart from the lightbox. Adding an image to the cart does not remove it from the current lightbox. You can also collect multiple images to the lightbox and download hi-res versions of all photos at once if you have purchased a download package. 

5. All images in Rodeo are royalty-free images. You can purchase a license and use it as long as you need it in all media. Only using images in products for selling requires an extended license. Ask more details by sending your inquiry to

6. You can purchase images that are added to the cart by pressing the My Cart -button on the main menu or by pressing View Cart -button immediately after you have added an image to the cart. You need to give only your name, email, and country to license the image. The country is essential for the correct tax rate if you buy for the company, and you have a VAT number. You can pay your purchase using Stripe, Paypal, or Finnish Paytrail payment. We are accepting all major credit cards and Finnish online banks. If you're purchasing images for a sum of over 50 €, we can also send you an invoice using Paypal for payment in advance.

7. The first lightbox is created when you add the first image to the lightbox. You add an image to lightbox when you click check-mark, which appears on top of thumbnail image when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail image. On the top main menu, you can get to the Lightbox-page, and there you can rename lightboxes and make personal notes to them as well as create several new lightboxes. Added images go to that lightbox, which is selected on Lightbox-page.

8. At the lower section of the main page, you see image galleries, which are a small portion of the Rodeo collection. You can browse those for inspiration, or do not hesitate to contact us for help. We search for images for free for you to choose. We know our collection inside out and want to save your precious work time. Send an email to for any inquiries.


Can I have an invoice?

Yes. If you order a download package or license images for over 50 €, we can send an invoice. If you're a Finnish company, we can send an invoice by snail mail or e-invoice. In case you order images outside Finland, we can send an invoice using Paypal service for payment in advance. By using a download package, you can use our fantastic quick-load feature, which enables you to make hires downloads directly from the image listing or download the whole lightbox at once.

Do I need to register before purchasing images?

No. You can buy images without registering. Just add the images you want to cart and continue from there on.

Can I pay my purchases online?

You can license images by paying them immediately using either Stripe, Paypal, or Paytrail online payment provider. By using Paytrail, you can pay in all Finnish online banks. Additionally, using Stripe or Paypal, you can use any major credit cards and Google Pay.

When I get ordered images?

You can download purchased images right away after online payment. There is an email sent to you immediately after your purchase where is download link to your images. If you do not get that email, please check your spam folder. If you ordered a download package, there would be a brief moment until that is activated to you. After activation, you can download images with a fantastic and quick single click -feature. If you ordered a big batch of images, it might take a little while as the system is making one zip-package of those images.

How can I save even more?

By purchasing a download package, you can save a ton of your company money and time. You can use our fantastic one-click -download feature, which works directly from image listing and in layout image page, or you can download an entire content of a lightbox. Check out our packages on Pricing-page.

I can't find the images. What is happening?

Most of the images are keyworded with Finnish keywords. Only a small portion has English keywords, and we are doing our best to keyword more images every month. If you can't search using Finnish, please allow us to search suitable images for you, for free of course. Send us an email to

I need more info about the image, can you help?

Yes. We know our collection inside out and are happy to give more information if needed. Please send us an email to containing image code and tell us what you need to know.

Can Rodeo images be purchased elsewhere?

Yes. We have a partnership with other stock agencies, but there is only a tiny portion of our images for sale. You can find our images, for example, in; STT Lehtikuva, MVPhotos, Pond5 and Alamy.

Do you know any photography related jokes?

Of course. There is always time for jokes.

"A group of artists are invited to dinner by a famous chef. In greeting the photographer, the chef comments: I love your photos, they're wonderful, you must have a very expensive camera. The photographer doesn't reply and walks into the dining room.

After dinner, the photographer approaches the chef and says: dinner was sensational, very exquisite flavors, a true work of art, you must have a very sophisticated stove."

A photographer told me his camera didn't have continuous high speed mode and I almost burst out laughing.

What does a photographer say when he first gets to work?
Would you like fries with that?

To be continued.